TIFF to PDF Converter

The TIFF to PDF converter is software designed to convert TIFF images into PDF documents. This is one of the most efficient and time saving software that converts TIFF format into PDF format at a click. PDF file format is being used widely because of its secure and portable feature. Now you can easily convert the images of TIFF format to PDF files.

Converting an image into a PDF format can be a tedious job; here is software that makes it an extremely simple process. All you have to do is follow the steps given below for the conversion of images to PDF.

  • Drag and drop the TIFF images that are to be converted into PDF’s.
  • You can customize the image size, page size, page margin, PDF Meta information and also the security settings.
  • You can select the page size like A4, A5 etc and also modify the width and height of the page.
  • It comes with three options using which the destination PDF file can be customized.
    • 1. Make one PDF
    • 2. Make PDF’s with individual TIFF’s
    • 3. Make PDF’s with individual frames
  • You can also add a prefix or suffix to the destination PDF file while saving it.

This software comes with a smooth and trouble-free graphical user interface making the conversion easy and time-saving. The most impressive feature of this software is that it allows “Batch Processing” using which multiple TIFF files can be converted into PDF’s simultaneously. This feature proves to be highly useful when there are numerous TIFF files to be converted into PDF’s. This is standalone software that does not require any third party applications or plug-ins for functioning. It offers optimized applications and features that convert multiple batch TIFF images to PDF documents without compromising on the quality of the image.

This software has the ability to merge, import, insert and run numerous multi-frame TIFF images into PDF’s. It does all these functions without losing on the quality of the images and creates high quality PDF documents.


  • Operates with an appealing and easy to use interface.
  • Allows you to convert bulk TIFF images into PDF documents in no time.
  • Supports batch Tiff files.
  • Lets you store and save TIFF images into separate or a single PDF according to the requirement.
  • It also lets you add an image extension to the resultant file.
  • Compatible with various Windows platforms.

This TIFF to PDF converter is designed to transform several limitless TIFF pictures, photos and screenshots into single or multipage PDF documents. It provides speedy conversion of the images into documents by retaining the original graphics, transcript and resolution. This TIFF to PDF software facilitates conversion of all formats of TIFF extension for images, photos, pictures, graphics, scans, photographs, faxes, stills, snap, screenshots, drawings and several snapshots into PDF files. This software does not require the user to be a professional in computers as it’s easy to use interface is suitable for first time users. This software is available at a pocket friendly price, buy it today!