PDF Watermark Software

A watermark is a text or image that is often applied to a piece of paper or an e-book or a PDF document. This watermark can be more or less transparent depending upon the way the user has applied it. There are two ways by which these watermarks are created in document paper- the dandy rotate method, and the cylinder mould method.

Watermarks can be of several benefits; some of them have been given below-

  • Watermarks posted on a document prove that it is copyright-protected, and also discourage the theft of your documents; other people can’t show that document as theirs.
  • Having the logo of your company or a specific text as the watermark also helps people to recognize your company and acts as a free advertiser.

Since PDF documents are so popular nowadays, adding watermarks or stamps to these documents is an extremely important issue. Watermarking PDF documents ensures that the user would know who its owner is and won’t be able to use it somewhere else, hence this is used extensively lawyers, legal or others franchise professionals, medicals, litigation and forensic departments. Our software has been designed keeping all these factors in mind.

Using our software is extremely easy and straightforward. Only a few stops are involved. First, the required PDF file has to be added to the list, then one needs to enter certain text or add an image which one wants to apply as watermark. Finally, after the watermark is applied, one needs to specify the location where the modified PDF file is to be saved. Selecting the 'Take Action' button will complete the task.

Your work will definitely become much easier once this software is used.

The key features that are included in this application have been highlighted below-

  • Easily insert watermarks to PDF documents with text, company logo, date/time stamp, page number etc.
  • Other than text and graphics, one can also add other kind of watermarks to these documents.
  • This software can be extremely useful for professionals who often have to handle such documents in order to take care of remarks such as Absolute, Cancel, Confidential etc.
  • Customize the text, its font color, style etc. exactly the way you want.
  • Password protected file can also be watermarked easily.
  • You can also add prefix and suffix with the resultant file name.
  • All sorts of image formats such as GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG can be used as a watermark.

Besides, we believe in supporting as many customers as possible through our software. Hence, one can use our software on a variety of operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. There are separate versions for 32 and 64 bit OS versions too.

This software has been highly successful with thousands of downloads till now, and the huge number of positive reviews from customers is a testimony to our success.