PDF Encrypter

Encrypt PDF without using Acrobat

Usually users don’t have the idea to encrypt a PDF file with password. They get the first intimation about this when they face some PDF file, which asks password for access. After that they go to the internet and collect information regarding that. Finally they find that there is the Adobe Acrobat to deal all these stuff. When they reach the adobe’s page for downloading Acrobat, they discover that the file is too heavy. What to do now? There are some PDF files that are highly secured and they should be protected with password. There is nothing to worry as tiny software will solve the entire problem at ease.

The process of encryption means encoding the information so that a cyber savvy person can understand the need of a key that decode the facts. The main motto of information is to keep the confidential information inaccessible by all. When one is selecting an encryption PDF format, it shows that how extensive the mode is.

The Purpose of Encryption:

When you assign a password to a document, it means that you are setting a security to the documentation which needs a key to open up. This key is named symmetric key. While encrypting a PDF file, there are several things that can be done easily.

  • The complete access to the file can be restricted.
  • The access to print the file can be restrained.
  • Access for only printing a high quality file can be imposed.
  • Access to split or alter the PDF by any means can be restricted.
  • Access to copy content from the PDF file can also be restricted.
  • Even the access to put a bookmark or adding a comment can also be restricted.
  • The user interface requires no extra knowledge of IT from the end of user.
  • The entire operation is done by single click, so easiest to operate.
  • The PDF owner password is not at all needed in any of the cases.
  • Adding Prefix as well as suffix support with file name is also provided.
  • Adobe Acrobat knowledge or any other IT skill is not required at all.
  • Works with all windows version, from XP to windows 8.
  • Both 32bit and 64bit OS is supported.

The software is available online, and one can download it free from the web. The software is easily available and is downloadable also. To avoid one from getting a copy of the full version software there is no need to insert the option of encryption after installation of the software. With the help of this PDF Encryption it is easier to send files securely. This basically means that the PDF formats, the tax returns, the contracts all can be saved and even sent to the desired destinations owing to the faster strategy that it works among users. The security will deter many hackers to get through the confidential files. Although no type of security is completely hack proof as the hackers try out various possible passwords to break through and at times come up successful.