All in One PDF Tools

Portable Document format (popularly known as PDF) is regarded as the best format for any digital document available nowadays. It is independent of operating systems and hardware, quality remains the same throughout all systems, hence it is extremely flexible and this is the main reason why it is so successful. PCs, smartphones and several other electronic equipments can view PDF files with the help of software created by Adobe itself or other companies.

Due to the massive popularity of PDF files in today’s world, software that can be used to modify these PDF files are of extreme importance. Hence, PDF splitter and merger software can be of significant importance for people who are looking for user friendly software to modify their PDF files. This software has the functions of both splitter and merger inbuilt. The splitter version is extremely powerful and can be customized according to the requirements of the user. Like the splitter portion, the merger version, too, is extremely easy to use and everything has been explained in detail below. Our software consists of several other features as well such as watermarking, encryption etc.

The major features of our software which have played an important role in its success have been discussed below-

  • Batch mode included for faster task completion.
  • Our software can easily split a PDF document into a number of sub documents which can consist of single pages or any number of pages as specified by the user.
  • Merging single page PDF files into one PDF document is extremely easy.
  • User interface is not only attractive but also user friendly, and one can easily understand how to use all the functions present in the software.
  • Eliminate, extract and remove any set of pages from the PDF file that you want.
  • Change your desired PDF file meta-properties (Title, Author, Subject etc.).
  • Encrypt your document easily with the help of a password; one can also restrict certain permissions such as editing, copying, printing etc.
  • Provide bookmark to any page of a PDF file as required.
  • Insert your own created watermark to your PDF document.
  • Resize page size of all or specific pages of PDF document.
  • Feature packed, yet works smoothly without any lag.
  • Extremely versatile.

Our software is extremely versatile, hence it can run on almost all major operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 as well as 8.1. Besides, this software has separate versions for 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

This software has been highly successful with thousands of downloads till now. Our customer base has been increasing rapidly in the last few years, especially due to the improvements and updates that have been provided to our application. All the positive feedback from our customers listed on our site are a testimony to our growing success.