PDF Encryptor Decryptor

PDF is the short form of Portable Document Format, widely used for various documents. Its versatility has played an important in its ever growing popularity. People can easily create such documents using various freeware and can also view these files on PCs and smart phones through third party software. It is extremely reliable as well.

Since PDF is so widely used in offices and big corporations, it also contains various important information and sensitive data about these firms. In case, these are somehow stolen, it can leave a negative impact on that company. That’s why, securing these documents is mandatory. Also, in certain cases, the owner might forget the password – in that case, decryption software can be a live-saver. Our company has developed similar PDF Encryption and Password Remover software. The name is self-explanatory; our software can protect PDF files via various encryption methods, and when required, decrypt them as well.

We are constantly updating our software, and this has helped us to stay one step ahead of the competition all the time. The key features present in this application include:

  • User interface is extremely simple and easy to use; navigating through the various options is a breeze.
  • Encryption as well as decryption – both can be done using this tool.
  • Both 40 bit and 128 bit encryption levels are supported, which are encrypted using RC4 algorithms or AES to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Change the permissions that can be accessed by a normal user – modify document contents, copy the document, add annotations, bookmarks, assemble documents etc.
  • Multiple documents can be encrypted simultaneously.
  • If open password or user password has been used to protect the document, the application will ask for it to unlock the documents.
  • In case the document is encrypted via the owner password, there is no need to input it; the software can find that password on its own and unlock this document for you, removing all its restrictions.

Our product is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP and Vista till the latest version 8 and 8.1.There is also additional support for both 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions.

Backed by years of experience, we have developed this software with only one primary aim in mind – to help the end user, and we can proudly state that we have achieved that goal successfully. Thousands of customers have been using our software daily for various security related issues, and there hasn’t been a single issue where our product didn’t operate as expected. One can learn more from the testimonials that satisfies customers have posted on our website.