Image Watermark Software

With information of every kind available at a click in today’s web knit world, the security of our documents and images has become the need of the hour. Theft and plagiarism is increasing at a rapid pace, hence we have to take steps in order to protect sensitive information. A watermark is a text or logo that can be superimposed on an image. Watermarking is a process of embedding a set of data on the image that helps in identifying the original image and also gives it a copyright protection.

Watermarking can be classified into two types -visible watermarking and invisible watermarking. Visible watermarks are perceptible to the human eye, in case of invisible watermarks, the location is not known and it can be extracted only by authorized persons using mathematical calculations. This image watermark software allows you to add watermarks easily and thus helps you to protect sensitive and confidential images.

This software is loaded with features and is extremely user-friendly. You don’t have to be a software professional to use this as this is a software which is designed for amateurs. It lets you add texts, images and logos on your images to protect it from being copied and stolen. With the following features listed below, you can add watermarks to all your images in no time.

  • This easy to use software lets you drag and drop images, to which watermarks are to be added.
  • The watermark can be a text or an image.
  • You can customize the watermark by altering the font, style, size and color.
  • The position of the watermark can be set according to the requirement with options like Custom, Fixed and Diagonal.
  • The opacity of the watermark can be decreased, so that it cannot be easily detected.
  • You can change the image size using the options like relative size, altered size, fit mode, and resize mode.
  • The output image format can be selected, it allows you to add suffix and prefix to the file name if desired.
  • You can preview the image and save it for future use.

This image watermark software supports various image formats like JPEG, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, EMF and so on. Another striking feature of this software is that it supports “Batch Processing” using which you can add watermarks to more than one image at a time. This lets you work with bulk images simultaneously, which proves to be very helpful and time-saving. This software gives a plethora of features in a user- friendly environment. This is standalone software, capable of running efficiently without the help of any third-party applications. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows platform like XP/Vista/7/8.

This feature packet software is available at a reasonable price. Now you can protect all your important and sensitive pictures by adding watermarks at a click with this software. Buy this software today and get rid of the worry of image copying and theft.