Image to PDF Converter

The Image to PDF file converter software is well known customized software. It is user friendly and is well accepted by this competitive cyber world. The JPG, TIFF, PSD, TGA, WMF, EMF, PNG to PDF converter is a straightforward and lightning fast developing utility that actually allows the user a batch convert pictures, sketches, scanned document as well as the faxes are formulated in single document of Acrobat PDF. Furthermore this JPG to PDF converter allows you to quickly share the PDF files with all friends and colleagues. This can be done even without changing the original layouts of the format by outlook.

The specifications and its usage

The best alternative to fax the documents in a cheaper, faster and the better quality is simple to use. Directly conversion of all types of images, photos, pictures, scans and the drawings into a single PDF file is prominent. Controlling of the output quality with the various customized settings like the compressions and the paper sizes are maintained properly. The Image to PDF converter software offers its user an optimized application to convert the images into PDF document of high quality. The designing is transformed into number of images, pages, photos or picture files. Tool supports the conversion faster in a batch mode with that of the file format. The fully compatible is a compression of high resolution weighty images that illuminates the precised PDF files. This particular software has the ability to merge, combine, and join image file into PDF without specific technical efficiency.

The application is amazingly used to convert all types of photos, pictures, galleries, scans, faxes, stills into PDF and therefore it is compatible with Windows 8/7/XP/Vista and so on. You have the correct access to multiple image formats into the PDF files. Image to PDF utility is fully compatible and even standalone application of the Windows. It is used to switch the plans to complete image files to the higher quality PDF documents with simple and easy GUI. These are actually faster turnarounds with premium products providing superior performances. The software is compatible with all popular Windows operating system. The Image to PDF converter supports multiple images including JPG, GIF, PNG, EMF, TIFF, WMF, PSD and TGA for converting into PDF documents.

Amazing features of the Image to PDF Converter

The originality of the picture is retained in a realistic style without any conversion, modify or damage during alteration into PDF document. The attractive user friendly GUI has proved faster, easier and even simple to operate it. The software can be downloaded online and even converts images into PDF formats merging the multiple images into single PDF file and so on. At times the images can be separated into single PDFs taking into consideration the various document page sizes and the metadata. The Image to PDF Converter does not require Adobe Acrobat Reader Installation for usage. On the other hand the Image to PDF file does not depend on any printing driver so it will not install any sort of print driver on the computer.